Future Products

Here at BBJ SimRacing we are not going to let the grass grow under our feet. Here are some products you can expect to see us producing over the next 12 months or so.
'Pro' Range
We are currently working on a range of boxes under the working titleĀ  'Pro' range. These boxes are going to be aimed at the higher end of the market and will have few compromises in terms of quality. We are working towards an Oct 2016 release. Click the button below to see the video outlining the development of these boxes.
'Pro' Range First Look
36 Switch Button Box
We are currently working on prototypes of a 36 button keyboard encoder based box. This should prove particularly useful for games like ETS/ETS2, Bus Simulator and Farming Simulator. In fact any game/sim where a large number of simple buttons is needed and multi-controller support is lacking or difficult to implement. The prototype has been finished for some time but we are still looking at different finishes for this product.
Specific Flight Simulator Products
While our products are of use to builders of Flight Simulators we are well aware that our current range is a bit generic. We will actively be seeking partners in the Flight Sim community and working to bring tailored products to Market whilst maintaining our keen pricing policy.