SimHub Compatible Digital Display

BBJ SimRacing fully programmable digital dashboard/display compatible with SimHub software and almost all modern driving games and sims on the PC. Device is plug and play compatible with Windows 7,8 and 10 and is fully USB powered. Unit has built in 1.8m USB cable. Display features an 8 segment LED display and an 8 LED bar that serves as a rev indicator and shift alert. Display can be programmed to display literally hundreds of parameters and can be controlled from your button box or buttons on your wheel. For more information please take the time to watch the videos below, they contain much more information than I could ever get into this paragraph. The devices in the videos are prototypes and since filming the videos we have changed the mounting brackets from the 1mm taped up versions in the video to the 2mm plain aluminum version. These are a little harder to bend but make for a much more solid mount.

Compatible with: Assetto Corsa, Project CARS/2, IRacing, Codemasters F1 games, Codemasters Dirt games, ETS2, ATS, Raceroom, RFactor1 and RFactor 1 based games, RFactor 2, Richard Burns Rally, Live for Speed, Sim Bin Race 07, Sim Bin GTR2, War Thunder.

Package Contents: Display, 2x mounting brackets, 2x M4 bolts and a length of self adhesive hook and loop fastener.